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Wear Your Style: Best Smartwatch Under 5000 Rs to Buy in India

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Smartwatch Under 5000 Rs

If you are on a tight budget and are looking for the best Smartwatch under 5000 Rs, you can get mixed opinions. Everyone wants a stylish and high-performance smartwatch because this device has made our lives much more accessible.

The best smartwatch brands offer a variety of health trackers that can monitor blood oxygen levels, sleep cycles, heart rate, and more. With the help of the best smartwatches for men and women, you can also make and receive calls.

You can get a smartwatch under 5000 Rs with a call function. These watches are renowned for their excellent battery life and allow you to get a lot of features without spending too much.

In this blog, we will provide vital information about the best smartwatch under 5000 Rs available from top brands that offer a great combination of style and function. But before buying any device, it is always advisable to look at some key factors.

Key factors to consider before buying a Smartwatch

  • Compatibility – Most smartwatches are compatible with Android and iOS devices, but some are only compatible with one or the other. Make sure your Smartwatch is compatible with your smartphone.
  • Display – Choose a display that is clear and easy to read, even in direct sunlight. Some smartwatches have AMOLED screens, which offer better contrast and colour reproduction than LCD screens.
  • Design and comfort – Choose a comfortable smartwatch to wear all day. Some smartwatches are made of metal or plastic, while others are made of leather or silicone.
  • Battery life – Choose a smartwatch that can last at least a day on a single charge. Some smartwatches have longer battery life but may not have as many features.
  • Fitness and health features – Some smartwatches can track your steps, heart rate, and sleep. Others can even give you coaching and tips to improve your physical condition.
  • Notifications and connectivity – Smartwatches can receive notifications from your smartphone, such as text messages, emails, and social media updates. Some smartwatches can also be used to make and receive calls.
  • User interface and navigation – Choose a smartwatch that is easy to use and navigate. Some smartwatches have touch screens, while others have physical buttons.
  • Price and value for money – Decide on your budget and choose the best Smartwatch with maximum features in this range.
  • User Reviews and Ratings – Read user reviews and ratings before buying a smartwatch to understand ​​what others have experienced.

Five best Smartwatch under 5000 Rs 

1. Boat Xtend 

The boAt Xtend Alexa-enabled smartwatch is a modern wearable with a 1.69″ HD display, multiple watch faces, and sophisticated health monitoring capabilities, such as stress and sleep tracking: sleep, heart rate monitoring and SpO2.

Fitness enthusiasts will love it as it has 14 sport modes, 5ATM water resistance and seven days of battery life for continuous use. The olive green colour enhances its fashionable and current appeal. All these features make this an excellent option if you are looking for a smartwatch under 5000 Rs.

Other Specifications 

  • Price :- Rs 2797
  • Colours:– Olive Green, Deep Blue, Charcoal Black, sandy cream etc.
  • Alexa – The built-in voice assistant Alexa sets reminders and alarms and answers questions from weather forecasts to live cricket scores at your command
  • Peak Brightness:– 500 nits
  • Brightness – Ambient light display allows watch brightness to be automatically adjusted to match your environment
  • Included – Xtend watch, magnetic USB charging cable, user manual and warranty card

2.  Fire-Boltt Gladiator

The Fire-Boltt Gladiator is a multi-feature smartwatch that can measure exercise and stay connected to your smartphone. Gladiator is an all-in-one gadget that can help users master their daily tasks and health goals with its sizeable 1.96-inch screen, Bluetooth calling and voice assistant.

Other Specifications 

  • Price :- Rs 1797
  • Colours:– Black Silicone, Blue, Orange etc.
  • Supported Apps – Notifications from all social media channels (Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook), call notifications, health monitoring (SpO2, heart rate, sleep), sports tracking, etc.
  • 8 Unique UI Modes – Change your UI view method to suit your mood and preferences.
  • Built-in Speaker and Microphone – With the latest chipset and technology, the speaker and microphone are loud and clear for excellent call quality and listening to music on the watch.
  • Multiple notifications – Make sure you don’t miss important updates, birthdays, or messages from coworkers; activate all social notifications on your watch to stay connected
  • Play Games – Enjoy mini-games on your Smartwatch at your leisure.
  • Charging – The watch needs to be charged for 3 hours to reach 100%. The charger should be a 3.7V to 5V adapter or any laptop output.

3. Amaze fit Bip 3 Smartwatch 

The Amazfit Bip 3 smartwatch is a stylish wearable that keeps you connected and active all day. The Bip 3 is ideal for anyone looking for a smartwatch that can keep up with their busy lifestyle, as it is packed with a lot of features and capabilities. All these features make it a good smartwatch under 5000 Rs.

Long battery life, comprehensive health tracking, GPS capabilities and a reversible watch face are some standout features of the Bip 3.

Other Specifications 

  • Price :-  Rs 3463
  • Colour:– Black, Blue, Pink
  • Screen Display:- Large 1.69″ colour screen
  • Battery:- 2 weeks battery life
  • Water Resistance :- 5ATM water resistance; 60 sports modes
  • Measure blood oxygen saturation; More than 50 vivid watch faces
  • Ultra-thin and light body; heart rate, stress level and sleep tracking;  and other health assessment systems.
  • The Inclusions :Amazfit Bip 3*1, charging box*1, user manual*1;
  • Connecting technology: Bluetooth

4.  CrossBeats Ignite S5 

The CrossBeats Ignite S5 is a sophisticated and stylish smartwatch with many features to meet your daily needs. Its sleek looks and cutting-edge features have quickly gained popularity among tech-savvy people.

The watch has many features, including sleep, heart rate, and exercise tracking. Anyone looking for a smartwatch under 5000 Rs that combines design and utility will find this the perfect choice, thanks to its compatibility with Android and iOS.

Other Specifications  

  • Price :- Rs 4999
  • Colour:- Black, Grey
  • Reference screen on Smartwatch: Optimized for comfort, this massive 1.96″ Super AMOLED display on the Ignite S5 is the ultimate upgrade with excellent colour correction and a 60Hz refresh rate to bring a great viewing experience.
  • Bluetooth call redefined: Offer excellent connectivity through the low-power BT 5.3 chipset and powerful technology like ClearCommTM to back it up.
  • Over 500 new watch faces and the ability to customize are game-changers for fashion enthusiasts who make smartwatches a part of their daily lifestyle.
  • Wireless charging: Charging is not only easy but also wireless! The Ignite S5 comes with SnapChargeTM-powered wireless charging for faster recharging and extended battery life.

 5. The Pebble Cosmos Endure Smartwatch 

The Pebble Cosmos Endure smartwatch is a premium wearable with advanced fitness and health tracking capabilities and smartphone connectivity. It has a sturdy design and long battery life, making it a reliable companion for frequent use and outdoor sports. This watch is surely the contender of best Smartwatch under 5000 Rs.

The Pebble Cosmos Endure Smartwatch offers an easy user experience with a configurable watch face and simple design.

Other Specifications

  • Price :-  Rs 4696
  • Colour:- Jet Black, Glacier Blue
  • Display:- The 1.46-inch AMOLED always-on display has an ultra-high resolution with a maximum brightness of 600 nits.
  • Bluetooth Calling:- The improved built-in speaker and microphone provide a smooth, responsive experience when answering or dialling calls from the Smartwatch, Real-time messages, and call notifications on your wrist.
  • Battery:- 4000 mAh Battery. The Battery lasts eight days on a single charge (in everyday use), making it the perfect partner for an adventure.
  • Waterproof and drop-proof: Its high waterproof rating and sturdy metal alloy housing make it suitable for rain, showering, or even swimming for up to 30 minutes.
  • Pebble Health Kit: Smart Health Monitoring Technology 24/7—Blood Oxygen SpO2, Heart Rate, Sleep Monitor, Blood Pressure Monitor, Stress Level Monitor and many more.
  • More than 120 sports modes: With over 120 active sports modes, you can now be the best version of yourself, exploring different fitness activities/workout modes.
  • Multiple watch faces: Give yourself a new-look daily – choose from over 100 watch faces.


These are just a few examples of India’s best Smartwatch under 5000 Rs. When choosing a smartwatch, it’s essential to consider your needs and budget.

If you’re looking for a smartwatch with various fitness tracking features, then the Amazfit Bip 3 is a great option. If you’re looking for a smartwatch with calling functionality, then the Fire-Boltt and CrossBeats are great options.

No matter your needs, an excellent smartwatch under 5000 Rs is perfect for you. So what are you waiting for? Start shopping today!

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