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Amazon World Entrepreneurship Day Quiz Answers & Win ₹20,000

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World Entrepreneurship Day Quiz

World Entrepreneurship Day Quiz: If you aspire to become an entrepreneur, follow the leading business founders, and are motivated by their stories, participate in this quiz, answer these simple questions, and stand a chance to win Rs.20,000 Amazon Pay Balance.

In this blog, you will find all the details and answers to the question that can lead you to win the amazing prize. The quiz is available for a limited time, so stay tight.

Details of Amazon World Entrepreneurship Day Quiz

The following table contains Amazon Funzone Quiz details.

Points Details
The topic of the Quiz The questions of the quiz are related to the World Entrepreneurship Day.
Live Dates The Quiz will be live for 15 days, from 10th August 2023 to 23rd August 2023.
Results Results will be announced on 24th August 2023.
Prize The Prize of the Quiz is ₹20,000 Amazon Pay Balance.

Amazon World Entrepreneurship Day Quiz Answers Key

Question Number Correct Option Correct answer
Q1 1 Jeff Bezos
Q2 3 Narayana Murthy
Q3 4 Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw
Q4 2 Papers n Parcels
Q5 3 McDonald’s

Detailed Questions and Answers of the Amazon World Entrepreneurship Day Quiz

Q1: Who founded Amazon, initially an online bookstore, later expanded to world’s biggest e-commerce company?

  1. Jeff Bezos
  2. Andy Jassy
  3. Jack Ma
  4. Mark Zuckerberg

The correct answer is (1) Jeff Bezos

Q2: Who is the co-founder of Infosys, a multinational corporation providing IT consulting and services?

  1. Mukesh Ambani
  2. Ratan Tata
  3. Narayana Murthy
  4. Azim Premji

The correct answer is (3) Narayana Murthy

Q3: She co-founded India’s largest bio-pharmaceutical company and is often called the “Biocon Lady”. Who is she?

  1. Indra Nooyi
  2. Radhika Aggarwal
  3. Chitra Gurnani Daga
  4. Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw

The correct answer is (4) Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw

Q4. Tilak Mehta, one of the youngest entrepreneurs in India, founded which of the following company?

  1. Nohbo
  2. Papers n Parcels
  3. Zolli Candy
  4. Wise Pocket

The correct answer is (2) Papers n Parcels

Q5. Starring Michael Keaton as titular business mogul Ray Kroc, the 2016 film “The Founder” portrays the origin story of what golden-arches fast-food chain?

  1. KFC
  2. Strabucks
  3. McDonald’s
  4. Pizza Hut

The correct answer is (3) McDonald’s

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