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Amazon Redmi (43) 4K FTV Quiz Answers & win Rs.10,000

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Amazon Redmi 4K FTV

Did you check out the recently launched Redmi (43) 4K FTV? If yes, you must be thrilled by its cool and amazing features. If you think you know everything about this unique product, check out this Redmi (43) 4K FTV Quiz, featuring some simple questions about its features. You will find this quiz in the Funzone section of Amazon. Participate, answer some simple questions, and stand a chance to win an Amazon Pay Balance of Rs.10,000. Find all the details and quiz answers in this blog.

Details of Amazon Redmi (43) 4K FTV Quiz

The following table contains Amazon Funzone Quiz details.

Points Details
The topic of the Quiz The questions are related to the features of Redmi (43) 4K FTV.
Live Dates The Quiz will be live for 20 days, from 9th September 2023 to 28th September 2023.
Results Results will be announced on 8th October 2023.
Prize The Prize of the Quiz is Rs.10,000 Amazon Pay Balance

Amazon Redmi (43) 4K FTV Quiz Answers Key

Question Number Correct Option Correct answer
Q1 1 15th Sep
Q2 3 Experience 4K with latest Fire TV
Q3 1 UHD
Q4 4 43 inch
Q5 4 All of the above

Detailed Questions and Answers of the Amazon Redmi (43) 4K FTV Quiz

Q1:  What Is The Launch Date Of Redmi Smart Fire TV?

  1. 15th Sep
  2. 20th Sep
  3. 25th Sep
  4. 30th Sep

The correct answer is (1) 15th Sep

Q2: What Is The Tagline Of Redmi Smart TV With Fire TV Built-In?

  1. Stay Connected, Stay Smarter
  2. Fast & Smooth
  3. Experience 4K with latest Fire TV
  4. Shape of Power

The correct answer is (3) Experience 4K with latest Fire TV

Q3: What’s The Resolution Of New TV To Be Launched?

  1. UHD
  2. FHD
  3. HD Ready
  4. OLED

The correct answer is (1) UHD

Q4: What’s The Size Of Redmi Smart TV With Fire TV Launching On 15th Sep

  1. 32 inch
  2. 55 inch
  3. 50 inch
  4. 43 inch

The correct answer is (4) 43 inch

Q5: What Benefits Does Redmi Smart TV With Fire TV Offer?

  1. Voice Remote with Alexa
  2. 12000+ Apps
  3. Screen Mirroring via Airplay and Miracast
  4. All of the above

The correct answer is (4) All of the above

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