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Amazon Fastrack BeBoth Quiz Answers & win Rs.10,000

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Amazon Fastrack BeBoth

Amazon has added a new Fastrack BeBoth Quiz in its Funzone section. It features a campaign video of Fastrack. You just have to watch the video and then answer some simple questions based on it. You will find this quiz in the Funzone section of Amazon. Participate, answer some simple questions, and stand a chance to win an Off of Rs.250 on Fastrack products. Find all the details and quiz answers in this blog.

Details of Amazon Fastrack BeBoth Quiz

The following table contains Amazon Funzone Quiz details.

Points Details
The topic of the Quiz The questions are related to a campaign of Fastrack.
Live Dates The Quiz will be live for 22 days, from 15th September 2023 to 6th October 2023.
Results You can claim the prize right after completing the quiz.
Prize The Prize of the Quiz is Rs. 250 Off on Fastrack products.

Amazon Fastrack BeBoth Quiz Answers Key

Question Number Correct Option Correct answer
Q1 1 #Be both
Q2 1 Goldfish
Q3 4 All of the above
Q4 1 Embrace contradictions

Detailed Questions and Answers of the Amazon Fastrack BeBoth Quiz

Q1: What’s The Overall Message/ Hashtag Of The Campaign?

  1. #Be both
  2. #Be exclusive
  3. #Be rigid

The correct answer is (1) #Be both


Q2: In The “Be Both” Campaign, What’s Our Attention Span Compared To?

  1. Goldfish
  2. Crab
  3. Hummingbird

The correct answer is (1) Goldfish

Q3: What Opposing Values Are Shown In The Video?

  1. Subtly Dramatic
  2. Seriously Playful
  3. Prim & Improper
  4. All of the above

The correct answer is (4) All of the above

Q4: What Does The Phrase “Fastrack BeBoth” Suggest?

  1. Embrace contradictions
  2. Reject adaptability
  3. Rapidly Change

The correct answer is (1) Embrace contradictions

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