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Tools for Stock Analysis: 5 Best Stock Research Websites in India

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Stock Research Websites

Stock research can become tedious if you need help finding the correct information or data about a stock. Investors should invest more time in stock analysis rather than worrying about where to find the stocks. That’s why investors need to know about some of the best stock research websites.

Moreover, we have to ensure that the websites are reliable because if you are studying the wrong data about a company, then the analysis won’t be correct. Many websites in India collect the financial reports of the listed companies and present them in a very customizable way for the readers.

This customization helps the readers or investors to study the reports efficiently. Also, they can apply various filters on these websites to carry out their stock research.

Best Stock Research Websites in India

There are numerous websites that users and investors can use to their advantage and conduct research before investing. We’ll look at the top stock research websites in this article.

1. Money Control

The most widely used website in India for stock market research is likely Money control. You can learn more about stocks, mutual funds, ETFs, IPOs, currency, commodities, and other topics here. On more control, you may find a wealth of information on a stock, including the company’s financial statements from the previous two years, balance sheets, cash flow statements, and announcements about dividends, splits, bonuses, etc.

Additionally, you may use technical indicators like the moving average, MACD(A momentum oscillator that is usually utilised to trade trends is the Moving Average Convergence/Divergence indicator), RSI (both the speed and rate of change in price movements within the market), and others to analyse the technical charts of the stock on money control. Overall, if you want to conduct a thorough stock analysis, money control is a fantastic website for stock research in India.

2. Trade Brains Portal

Trade Brains Portal offers high-quality fundamental data with visualisations to assist investors in effective stock research and analysis. It is the most user-friendly stock research and analysis platform that can assist you in conducting fundamental stock analysis.

This platform provides several stock analysis capabilities, including superstar portfolio tracking, backtesting, portfolio analysis, and portfolio comparison. Each day, hundreds of people utilise their stock screening tool to do quick and effective equities research, making it one of India’s best stock research websites.

Additionally, they are a go-to platform for all equity research queries because they are a stock analytics platform that provides various research tools in one location. Trade Brains Portal’s previous upgrade included the Superstar Portfolio function, which allows users to follow the portfolios of prominent Indian stock market investors.

3. Investing India

A nice website for both fundamental and technical stock research is Investing India. You may discover all the pertinent information here regarding the study of the company’s news, charts, financials, technicals, etc.

A “Stock screener,” another resource this website offers, is quite helpful to investors. The screen allows you to narrow down the list of firms depending on many factors, such as PE, market size, price, dividend yield, etc.

4. MarketsMojo

Marketsmojo offers a thorough evaluation of the stocks based on their trend, valuation, and quality. The company’s long-term performance compared to its competitors is reflected in the Mojo Quality rank. The stock’s valuation at the current price is determined by its valuation. Finally, the company’s present financial trend shows it is now on a growth path and can make money.

Marketmojo offers the “Portfolio Analyser,” which assesses hidden opportunities and risks in the user’s portfolio and advises the user on what to do rather than track. Overall, Marketmojo is one of the best stock research websites for new users who cannot conduct independent stock analysis.

5. Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE)

The Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) website is called BSE India. In terms of the majority of the information, this website complements NSE(National Stock Exchange of India Ltd). Because more companies are listed on BSE than NSE, you may discover more information on this website.

On this website, you may get important information such as market data, index data, charts, public offers, OFS, IPOs, domestic and international investors, etc.

On the BSE India website, you can also access financial information, including quarterly reports, shareholding patterns, details of bulk/block deals, stock prices, etc., similar to what is available on the NSE India website.


While these websites provide valuable information and tools, conducting thorough research is crucial when making stock investment decisions. It’s also advisable to consult with a financial advisor or professional before making important investment choices.

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