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Avoid these common investing mistakes to save lakhs of rupees

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common investing mistakes

Do you want to double your money? “Invest with us and get a high return “on your investment. People generally make common investing mistakes by believing in tempting advertisements and slogans. It is understood that a beginner or amateur investor who did not know much about investment and the market got pushed by these statements. 

Common Investing Mistakes

When you are new to the world of investment, the idea of high returns and multiplication of  money dazzle you easily. Before proceeding with any investment. The most crucial part is knowing what we are getting into. You need to see the pros and cons and see whether it aligns with your investment objectives. But generally, people need to pay more attention to some points and lose considerable money. Here we will help you avoid some common investing mistakes that every new investor makes. 

Lack of planning   

Professional investors always have a plan based on facts and figures. First-time investors, however, enter the market through stock investment, and then they start to treat the stock market as a gamble. The adverse effect of not having a proper plan and end goal imbalances your investment pattern and, in turn, results in a more significant loss. 

The simplest and easiest way to avoid making this mistake is to take some time and try to make a financial plan before investing. Identify your goals and pick up a strategy. Take a deep analysis of the financial data of the companies you plan to invest in and make informed decisions. 

Personal Attachment or Biasness  

Many beginners who start investing in trading in equity let their personal bias drive their investment decisions. It is one of the most common investing mistakes a beginner often finds guilty of. Many first-time investors tend to buy shares in only companies they know or like. 

This option is a timely decision as this proved to be ineffective as the companies you know might not always be the ideal investment options for your profile and financial goals. 

One way to avoid personal bias is to focus on research and obtain financial information about the company they are interested in. Research-based investing can help you to overcome any bias, thus helping you to make informed trade decisions. 

Refusal of Capital losses

Amateur investors always tend to hold stocks and other financial assets even when not performing well. If a stock value degrades, many first-time investors always refrain from selling that asset, hoping its value will shoot up a few times. In most cases, this never happens, which leaves the investor with a significant loss of money. 

You could set a limit for losses, beyond which you will sell your loss-making stock, and in this way, you can limit your capital erosion. Many trading platforms come with specific stop-loss features, which are helpful for this purpose. So you can set a price to sell your loss-making stock. 

Short-term focus 

The idea is that investing on a short-term basis can make you rich quickly. But it also impacts your focus on the future, stopping you from thinking about the long-term effect of your investment decisions. It can be highly damaging to your financial future. Also, most of the investors, in the race to make more money in a short period, end up losing more losses than profits due to uninformed decisions and the capability of analysing the long-term effects of that investment.

Now to overcome this one of the most common investing mistakes by investors, you need to make a plan for the future. Pick an investment strategy, including guides. Additionally, you can ensure that you have at least some long-term investment ( usually 5 to 10 years) in your portfolio to maximise your profits.

Inadequate Diversification 

Diversification in terms of investment is essential. It balances the risky assets against more stable options. Thus it makes sure that your capital is retained. Investing entirely in one class of assets, such as equity, stock, mutual funds etc, increases the risk. Even if you are a risk-friendly investor, putting all your money in one asset is advisable.

The easiest way to prevent these common investing mistakes is gradually building your portfolio. Your portfolio should include long-term and short-term investments. You also need to add a mix of high-risk and low-risk investments to manage your risk across your portfolio. 


These are some of the common investing mistakes that new investors make. Due to lack of knowledge and information, they suffer a huge loss. Adequate research is like the bread and butter of making sound financial decisions based on facts rather than instincts and emotions. So keep your strategies and goals clear and enjoy your investing journey. 


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