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The Future of Electric Vehicles: Best EV Stocks to Buy This Year

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Best EV Stocks

When it comes to transportation, new technologies are emerging all over the world. These alternative transportation technologies are primarily based on electric vehicles. Many companies are trying to catch the momentum before the industry radically shifts away from traditional fossil fuels.  Therefore, we will discuss the best EV stocks to buy.

The shift can also be seen as a catch-up process, with incumbents in the electric vehicle (EV) segment trying to meet the standards they’re setting with companies like Tesla before it’s too late. Today, we look at the Indian electric vehicle segment and the Best EV stocks on the radar of investors in this segment. 

Overview of the electric vehicle industry

Climate change is the main reason people are switching to electric vehicles. India’s EPI (Environmental Pollution Index) ranking shows that air quality ranks 168th out of 180. The government is promoting introducing electric vehicles as a countermeasure to this problem, aiming for 100% electrification by 2030.

People are starting to invest in electric vehicle stocks because they know the number of electric vehicles has suddenly increased and will continue to increase. In this article, learn about the best EV stocks in India. 

Why Invest in EV Stocks?

Electric vehicles will be with us for a long time, and more players will emerge in this space as governments push to electrify everyone. Thus, you can witness the tremendous growth and opportunities of the electric vehicle market. If we see the government focus on this sector, the stock price will surely rise, and we will get big profits.

The government also encourages people to buy electric cars through subsidies. The Maharashtra government has announced a subsidy of up to Rs.100,000 to anyone who buys an electric car. Since then, 2017 has seen the state’s highest number of electric vehicle sales.

Examples like this make it clear that the electric vehicle sector exists to bring you the revenue you want. Now is the time to invest in India’s Best EV stocks.

Five Best EV Stocks to Invest in This Year 

1) Reliance Industries Co., Ltd.

Reliance Industries Limited is an Indian company operating in the petrochemicals (O2C), oil & gas, retail, digital services and financial services industries. 

The O2C segment includes downstream manufacturing facilities, logistics and supply chain infrastructure, aviation fuels, petrochemicals, fuel retail through Reliance BP Mobility Limited, and wholesale marketing. 

2. TVS Motor Company Co., Ltd.

TVS Motor Company Limited produces motorcycles, scooters, mopeds, tricycles, parts and accessories. The Company’s motorcycles include TVS Raider, TVS Radeon, TVS Star City+, TVS Sport and Series RTR, Apache RR 310, TVS Jupiter, and TVS Scooty Pep+

3. Mahindra & Mahindra Co., Ltd

Mahindra and Mahindra Limited is an India-based company primarily engaged in mobility products and agricultural solutions. The Company’s segments include automobiles and agricultural machinery.

The Automotive segment includes selling vehicles, spare parts, mobility solutions, construction equipment and related services. The Agricultural Machinery segment includes sales of tractors, machinery, spare parts and related services.

The Company offers various products and solutions, including sport utility vehicles (SUVs), pickup trucks, commercial vehicles and tractors, electric vehicles, two-wheelers and construction equipment.

4. Tata Motors Co., Ltd. 

Tata Motors Limited is an international automobile manufacturer. The Company’s diversified portfolio includes a range of passenger cars, sport utility vehicles, trucks, buses, and defence vehicles. The segment includes Automotive Business and Other Businesses.

The Automotive segment consists of its four reportable sub-segments.

Tata Commercial Vehicles: Consists of light commercial vehicles (SCV) and pickups. Medium and heavy commercial vehicles. Medium-light commercial vehicle. Tata and Daewoo brand CV passenger cars. 

Tata Passenger Vehicles consists of commercial and passenger vehicles manufactured under the Tata and Fiat brands. Jaguar Land Rover includes Jaguar and Land Rover brand vehicles. 

Therefore it can be a good option if you are looking to invest in the best EV stocks.

5. Indian Oil Corporation Limited

Indian Oil Corporation Limited is an India-based oil company. The Company’s segments include petroleum products, petrochemicals and other businesses.

Other businesses include gas, oil and gas exploration, explosives and cryogenic operations, wind turbines and solar power generation. 

These business interests span the entire hydrocarbon value chain, from refining, pipeline transportation and marketing, to oil and gas exploration and production, petrochemicals, gas marketing, alternative energy sources and the globalization of downstream operations.

  Company Name  Market Capital ( In crs)   Closed Price (in crs) 1-yr returns (%)
Reliance      18,70,488    2758.95     15.52
TVS Motor Company       1,69,318    778.20      9.86
Mahindra and 


  1,45,108.03    1212.75    34.15
      Tata Motors     1,68,935.86     471.20   10.83
Indian Oil Corporation Limited         92,126    135.90    16.86


EVs are new, and government interest is so high that people will be excited to buy Best EV stocks. The market is still growing, so don’t just look at the historical data of the companies you want to buy shares in, but rather consider their growth potential and buy Indian EV shares accordingly.

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